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26/3/14 - Update to CSV Import Specification

The CSV 2.0 import specification document has been updated to include some party codes which are supported by this version but which had been omitted from the document.

7/3/14 - CostsMaster 4.1 now available

CostsMaster 4.1.24 is now available to download. This version adds support for exporting costs budgets as Excel spreadsheets, supporting documentation for budgets, Bills broken down by phase, SCU and VHCC case plans, filtering in grids, plus much more.

This version includes a few bug fixes since the previous public beta.

15/11/13 - Legal Aid Online Billing - CCMS

CostsMaster will support the Legal Aid Agency's CCMS system for online billing, due to be rolled out during 2014. Read more...

18/10/13 - CostsMaster 4.0.41 Released

An update to CostsMaster 4 is now available from the downloads page. Version 4.0.41 fixes a potential data loss when importing a Costsmaster 2 file with a summary assessment schedule.

28/3/13 - CostsMaster 4 released

CostsMaster 4.0.21 is now released and available from the downloads page.

This version includes support for the preparation and management of costs budgets together with the new CLAIM1 & CLAIM1A forms. It also includes a few fixes for bugs found in the pre-release version.


If you have not yet upgraded to from CostsMaster 2 you will need to request a hardware dongle in order to use the program outside of trial mode.


Are you ready for the Jackson reforms?

CostsMaster 4 allows you to easily prepare costs budgets in Precedent H and produce them in Word or Excel formats together with supporting documentation. It also includes a comprehensive set of tools for managing budgets, plus the latest CLAIM1 & CLAIM1A forms (with support for CCMS being added soon).

Download it today.

See for yourself why CostsMaster is the tool of choice for hundreds of Legal Professionals:

  • Prepare and manage costs budgets using information added manually or imported from a time recording system.
  • Traditional lined bills in 3 column, 4 column and 6 column format in CLS, inter partes and inter partes/CLS varieties, plus Breakdowns, Statements of costs, Schedules, Disbursement reports, CLAIM1s, CLAIM1As and Case Plans.
  • CostsMaster can use existing data from solicitors' case management systems saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Full support for LSC Phase 2 Family Fees.
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    Download the fully functioning trial today and see for yourself.